The following is a list of some of the verdicts and settlements won by Mullins McLeod and/or McLeod Law Group.  Each case is different and we cannot guarantee a specific result for your case.  This list is not intended to describe the quality of our services or create an expectation about the results that our lawyers can receive because every case is different.  This list is simply to provide a list of some of the more significant verdicts and settlements won by the firm.


Albert Reeves v. Town of Cottageville and Randall Price

McLeod Law Group, LLC won a verdict on behalf of the two minor children of Albert “Bert” Reeves for $97,500,000.00 in the United States District Court, Charleston Division. The jury deliberated for 4 hours before returning their unanimous verdict at 7:00 p.m. The lawsuit stemmed from the fatal shooting of the former Mayor of Cottageville, Bert Reeves, by a Cottageville police officer, Randall Price, on May 16, 2011. The defendants argued to the jury that Mr. Reeves attacked the officer and that the shooting was done in self-defense. McLeod Law Group, however, was able to prove the municipality was deliberately indifferent in hiring the police officer who had a checkered past and that basic police protocol was ignored which led to an unarmed man being shot and killed by the police officer. This verdict is believed to be the largest contested civil rights verdict in U.S. history.


Brett Baker-Goins v. First Baptist School in Charleston

At 4:30 pm on May 18, 2018, our Charleston brain injury attorneys won a verdict for our client, Brett Baker-Goins, and his family against First Baptist School in Charleston.

Baker-Goins sustained a sports-related concussion while playing basketball for First Baptist. After complaining of cognitive difficulty, headaches, and other symptoms, he received medical treatment for a traumatic brain injury.  At trial, we maintained Brett was returned to play before being medically cleared and before completing return-to-play protocol.

After extensive deliberations, the jury returned a $5,872,583.40 verdict for our client, Brett Baker-Goins. This verdict was the largest personal injury verdict in a non-death case and second largest verdict of any kind in South Carolina in 2018.


Negligent Hiring, Retention and Supervision Case

Mullins McLeod represented a construction worker who was struck by a drunk driver while he was working on a highway widening project.. The accident happened in the early morning hours just after the driver finished work at a local bar. Because the driver had limited insurance coverage, McLeod Law Group, LLC focused on the at-fault driver’s employer. McLeod Law Group, LLC maintained the bar was negligent in hiring the driver to manage its bar operations because the driver had had two prior DUI’s. Mullins McLeod secured a settlement of $4,100,000 on behalf of his client. The settlement exhausted all of the available insurance coverage.


Estate of Holland v. Chad Wayne Kessing, Sr.

McLeod Law Group, LLC successfully obtained a verdict in the amount of $3,500,000 in a wrongful death lawsuit for the Estate of Wanda Malmede Holland after she was killed in an automobile collision. A vehicle driven by Chad Kessing, Sr. crossed the center line and hit Mrs. Holland’s Chevy Trailblazer head on killing her. The firm uncovered evidence showing that Mr. Kessing’s driver’s license had been revoked on two prior occasions and that it was unsafe for him to operate a motor vehicle.


Wrongful Death Case v. Trucking Company

Mullins McLeod represented the widow of a gentleman who was killed when he was hit broad-side by a tractor-trailer. Under the Federal Carrier Motor Safety Act, trucking companies are only required to have 1 million dollars of insurance per accident. After extensive discovery, detailed animations and a thorough exam of the at-fault driver’s medical history, the Trucking Company paid Mullins’ client $3,250,000.


Roadway Defect Case v. The City of Chesapeake, Virginia

The decedent was a passenger in a car that was struck head on by another vehicle. He suffered life ending injuries. Engineering studies and an accident reconstruction proved the highway was defective and unreasonably dangerous. Mullins secured a $2,550,000 settlement for his client.


Toxic Tort Case v. S.C. Centrial RR, CSX Corp., Trademark Corp., and PLM Transp., Inc.

The Plaintiff was a railroad employee who responded to a chemical spill when a tank car ruptured in Hartsville, SC. He suffered inhalation injuries that limited his ability to work day-to-day as a conductor. On the first day of trial, two of the Defendants settled with the Plaintiff for a significant, confidential amount. After two weeks of trial, the remaining two Defendants settled for an additional $2,250,000.


Homeowners v. Elrod Construction and Leo Dowell Interiors

Mullins McLeod represented the homeowners in their case for breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation, fraud and construction defects. The case was tried through binding arbitration. After approximately 45 days of trial testimony, the arbitrator entered a verdict in favor of the homeowners for $2,100,000.


Injured Worker v. South Carolina Central Railroad

Mullins McLeod represented a 58 year old railroad worker who fell from a locomotive, was injured and could not return to his prior job. After extensive discovery, expert testimony, Mullins secured a $1,800.000 settlement on behalf of the injured worker.


Daniel C. McElveen v. Maurice L. Robinson

Mullins McLeod, lead trial attorney in a trial involving the hazing beating of student Daniel McElveen at Francis Marion University. Mr. McElveen was severely and repeatedly beaten during the Phi Beta Sigma’s fraternity’s “Hell Night”. His beatings were so severe that he suffered acute renal failure. After arguments from both sides, the jury returned a verdict for $600,000 actual damages and $1,000,000 in punitive damages against defendant Maurice Robinson, who at the time of the incident was an alumnus of the university and a high ranking alumnus of Phi Beta Sigma and still an active campus chapter member. The verdict demonstrated that hazing is an unacceptable practice being carried out in our schools and that awareness on this issue was raising awareness to this practice.


Roadway Defect Case v. The City of Chesapeake, Virginia

Mullins McLeod represented the driver of a vehicle who was hit head on by an opposing driver who had run off the road, overcorrected and entered his lane of traffic. A thorough investigation of the stretch of road where this fatality occurred revealed there had been prior complaints against the City of Chesapeake. A survey and an accident reconstruction demonstrated the shoulder of the roadway was defective and unreasonably dangerous. After extensive discovery, the Estate of the driver settled with the City of Chesapeake for $1,550,000.

In re Graniteville, Civil Action No.: 1:05-00115-MBS

Mullins McLeod served as co-class counsel in this class action lawsuit that stemmed from what is believed to be the second largest chemical spill in U.S. History. At roughly 2:40 am on January 6, 2005 two Norfolk Southern trains collided near an Avondale Mills plant in Graniteville, SC. A freight car carrying 90 tons of Chlorine ruptured when the two trains collided. This case was settled for a confidential amount and brought relief to nearly 3,000 people who suffered damages as a result of the chemical spill.

FELA and Toxic Tort Case v. Norfolk Southern Railway

Mullins McLeod represented a conductor for Norfolk Southern on the “through train” that collided with an improperly parked train. The Plaintiff was able to climb out of the locomotive after impact but suffered life-altering injuries. He was transported to the Intensive Care Unit at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Georgia. He eventually recovered and was released to return home. His exposure to chlorine caused permanent injuries and prevented him from returning to work. Mullins achieved a significant settlement on behalf of his client. The terms and the amount of the settlement are confidential.

FELA Case v. New Jersey Transit Rail Authority

Mullins McLeod represented a railroad worker who worked for New Jersey Transit Authority. NJTA is a large commuter railroad that provides service through the State of New Jersey and into New York City. The RR denied that anything was wrong with their locomotive and argued that the Plaintiff was not hurt as a result of the incident. The RR did not make any settlement offers before the trial began. The case was tried in Bergen County, New Jersey. After a six week trial, the jury returned a verdict for $1,000,000 before assessing comparative negligence on behalf of the Plaintiff. Mullins was able to prove the locomotive was defective because it had a malfunctioning oil ring and the exposure was the proximate cause of his client’s injury.

Chemical Spill and Toxic Tort Cases v. South Carolina Central Railroad, et. al.

Mullins McLeod represented numerous residents who lived near the site of a chemical spill and were evacuated from their homes. After three years of litigation, the sworn testimony of numerous expert witnesses, extensive environmental studies including monitoring the quality of the residents’ drinking water, Mullins negotiated a significant, confidential settlement. The settlement provided relief to nearly 100 victims who lived at or near the spill site.


Breach of Contract

McLeod Law Group won a jury verdict on behalf of R.J. Adolfi against National Dental Systems, which does business as “Dental Smart” for $1,2500,000.00. This case was tried before a Charleston County jury. The jury deliberated for little over one hour before returning their unanimous verdict.